Teen driver apologizes to victim's family

The 15-year-old boy responsible for the car crash that killed 11-year-old Tina Burbank in Surrey last summer, wants the family to know he's sorry.

A letter was read out at his sentencing hearing says, "If I could give my life for your daughter's, I would in a heartbeat, but I can't, " he says. "I'm hoping it will ease some pain knowing I'm sorry"

The youth was in a stolen car, being chased by the RCMP, when he smashed into the Burbank vehicle.

Tina's mother, Chrissy Burbank says no matter what the sentence is, the young man should be stopped from hurting others again.

"It doesn't really matter how much time the kid gets in jail, as long as he gets some programs afterwards," she says, "and that he is basically kept under watch away from his friends who are criminals."

The crown is asking for a two year sentence.

The defence says that's too harsh, because the real problem is heroin addiction, and that the youth was in severe withdrawal when the fatal crash occurred.

The sentence will be handed down March 6.