Svend Robinson has been benched

MP Svend Robinson, has been sent to the back bench by the Federal New Democratic Party. The move follows Robinsons presentation of a controversial petition in the House of Commons.

Yesterday, Robinson stood in the House of Commons and presented a petition calling for the removal of any references to God in the Constitution. Today, Party leader, Alexa McDonough banished Robinson to the back benches. "My colleage advanced a position which was not the position of the party, not the position of the caucus," she said. Robinson will retain his role as a party critic in foreign affairs and human rights issues.

The NDP MP for Kamloops, Nelson Riis, says his fellow New Democrats are angry, embarassed and disgusted by Robinsons behaviour. He says the demotion is the ultimate gesture of disgrace. Today in the House of Commons Alexa McDonough read a statement supporting the references to God in the constitution.