Suzy Shier to pay $1 million in settlement over marketing practices

Competition Bureau reaches $1 million settlement with Suzy Shier over deceptive marketing practices

The Competition Bureau has reached a $1 million settlement with Suzy Shier Inc., over deceptive marketing practices.

The bureau was concerned that the clothing company was misleading consumers into thinking they were getting some garments at "a bargain," when they were not.

Suzy Shier placed price tags on garments indicating a "regular" and "sale" price when the garments were not sold in any significant quantity or for any reasonable period of time at the "regular" price.

"The issue boils down to one question.'When is a bargain really a bargain?'" the bureau said in a statement.

Competition Act provisions are designed to ensure that when products are promoted at sale prices, consumers are not misled by references to inflated regular prices.

As part of the settlement, Suzy Shier will publish corrections in Canadian newspapers and ensure that its pricing complies with Competition Act provisions.