Summer forecast calls for more cool weather in July for Ontario, Quebec

Canadians can expect to see more of the same in July - cooler temperatures in Ontario and Quebec and hotter temperatures across the West and Atlantic Canada.

'This would not be a happy forecast for Ontarians and Quebecers,' climatologist says

Although Environment Canada earlier this month had forecast warmer than average temperatures across most the country, they are now expecting cooler temperatures in Ontario and Quebec. (John Rieti/CBC)

Be patient, Ontario and Quebec, summer really is around the corner. It just depends on your definition of "around the corner."

You might have to wait a little longer because Dave Phillips, Environment Canada's senior climatologist, says temperatures will be below average into July, with above average precipitation, too.  

Unfortunately for those suffering through the heat out west, things aren't expected to change anytime soon either. 

"In many ways what you see — what you've had — is what you might likely get in July and August," Phillips said. He cautioned against drawing too many conclusions, explaining that they are merely preliminary models. 

Atlantic Canada, on the other hand, should see slightly warmer than average temperatures throughout July, August and September. 

Warm in the West

Phillips said much of B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan can expect to see higher than normal temperatures going into July, August and September — a region that is already dealing with dry conditions and unseasonably high temperatures. 

"They've had on the Prairies, in the southern Prairies, the driest winter-spring on record and we have records that go back to 1948," he said. 

Manitoba, however, might be situated in an ideal location, sandwiched between the warmer west and cooler east. 

"They're getting the Goldilocks of weather, not too much, not too little," he said. 

Sorry Ontario, Quebec

Although Environment Canada earlier this month had forecast warmer than average temperatures across most the country, they are now expecting cooler than average temperatures in Ontario and Quebec, Phillips said.

"I can always hope that we're not right with our particular forecast because this would not be a happy forecast for Ontarians and Quebecers," he said. 

However, conditions could improve as we get into August and September so it might only be the first part of July that is disappointing.

But look on the bright side, Phillips said. You'll spend less on air conditioning and the grass will literally be green on both sides of your neighbour's fence. 

"I'm trying to scratch here for some good news," he said. 

'Changes on a dime'

Don't get too disheartened, Phillips said, because the forecast is only preliminary. 

"You couldn't plan your outdoor wedding ceremony on this weather forecast," he said. The same goes for long weekends. 

The actual conditions could be entirely different from the early forecasts, so don't get too worked up over it. 

"If you don't like the weather out your front door, look out your back door," he said. "It changes on a dime in this country."


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