Dario Zulich, new Sudbury Wolves owner, says team will play 'wherever the city builds an arena'

Dario Zulich, the new owner of the Sudbury Wolves hockey team says he plans to usher in a new era of Wolves hockey.

Zulich-backed True North Strong group has pitched the city on a new arena, events centre at Kingsway site

The Ontario Hockey League officially announced that property developer Dario Zulich has purchased the Sudbury Wolves. (Martha Dillman/CBC)

Dario Zulich, the new owner of the Sudbury Wolves hockey team says he plans to usher in a new era of Wolves hockey.

The Sudbury property developer plans on capitalizing on what he described as the team's "national brand", and said one of his goals is to make Sudbury a preferred destination for aspiring young hockey players.

'The number one brand in the OHL'

"[One of our objectives] is to run a world-class organization," Zulich said. "We're the number one brand in OHL. We need to respect that, and treat it as such."

Zulich's acquisition of the franchise came as a surprise to some, and immediately led to questions about whether being owner of the Wolves would influence the city's decision as to where a new arena could be built.
Developer Dario Zulich says a casino is now part of his plans for an entertainment area in the east part of Greater Sudbury. (Casey Stranges/CBC)

Zulich is also behind a group called True North Strong that wants to develop an events centre on the Kingsway. But — depsite his business aspirations — Zulich said  the Wolves will play hockey wherever the city decides to build an arena.

"We bought the Wolves because I really wanted to do something for the community. If it happens to be on our site, then so be it. If it doesn't, as I said in my speech, it doesn't matter. The Wolves are here to stay."

For now, no major shakeups for the team are in the works, Zulich said.

The season begins Sept. 23.

With files from Martha Dillman. Edited/packaged by Casey Stranges


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