Watch this Sudbury couple's marriage go downhill

There's an old saying that suggests it's all downhill after marriage.

Kayla Whalen and Neil Fleming decided to share their nuptials at a North Bay ski hill

Neil Fleming and Kayla Whalen were married atop Laurentian Ski Hill in North Bay (Shawn Moreton)

There's an old saying that suggests it's all downhill after marriage.

And on a sunny weekend in March, one couple from the Sudbury area took that literally.

Dowling's Neil Fleming and Kayla Whalen married at Laurentian Ski Hill in North Bay, skiing down the hill after saying their vows while guests and other skiers cheered them on.

Fleming said it was his bride's childhood dream.

"When Kayla was just a small child her dream had been to ski in her wedding dress. Once I proposed, she told me that's what she wanted to do."

He said that began 6 months of planning, finding hills in northern Ontario that would accommodate their request. It wasn't easy.

"It was almost impossible," Fleming said. "Laurentian Ski Hill in North Bay was the last we tried, and they were more than happy to do it."

For the ceremony, Fleming and Whalen arrived at the bottom of the hill, where they snapped some traditional wedding pictures before getting on the ski lift.

"It was about a ten yard walk to the ceremony site, kind of like walking down the aisle," Fleming said. "They had roped up a section at the top for the ceremony. It was the first weekend of the March break, so we had 130 guests, plus everyone on break who was skiing."

After saying their vows, Kayla Whalen and Neil Fleming skied from the top of a hill at Laurentian Ski Hill. (Shawn Moreton)

After the exchange of the vows, Whalen hopped on a snowboard— still in her wedding dress—  and manoeuvred down the hill.

"Literally, Kayla just went for it," Fleming said.  "It was not easy, she could have bailed."

"I don't know how wedding dresses work...I'm sure it wasn't that easy."

Listen to the interview on Up North.

Shouting your love from a mountaintop may be a worn-out cliche, but we hear about a Sudbury area couple who actually did just that ... minus the shouting. We speak with Dowling bridegroom Neil Fleming, who got married at the top of a ski hill this past weekend. 6:43


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