Urban farm planners find Flour Mill location in Sudbury

Sudbury's first community farm might end up in Ryan Heights.

Ryan Heights location chosen for Sudbury's first community farm

(Markus Schwabe/CBC)

Urban farmers might get the chance to put down roots in the Flour Mill this spring.

The proposed project committee would see a piece of land in Sudbury used as a community farm. The Sudbury Social Planning Council will approach the city's community services committee Monday night to ask for approval and a lease for their preferred location.

The initiative would give young people the chance to build employable skills like leadership and planning, according to Joseph LeBlanc. The executive director of the Sudbury Social Planning Council says the project's planning committee chose a space near the Ryan Heights playground for the farm.

Joseph LeBlanc was an advisor on the "Paying for Nutrition" report and is a Food Secure Canada board member. (

'Food is the vessel'

The project is meant for young people in the neighbourhood who are eager to learn skills that can last them a lifetime.

"Food is really the vessel," LeBlanc said. "It's the outcomes we're looking for in the development of leadership skills and employability." 

If the city agrees to the committee's requests, LeBlanc said the farm should see its first seeds this spring.

"I  see our city focusing more attention on retaining youth and having there being opportunities for healthy social development," LeBlanc said. "I think it's in line with council priorities, but it's up to them."