Up Fest to turn downtown Sudbury into artistic 'playground'

Sudbury's downtown core could soon be transformed through art.
Sudbury Up Fest co-creater Christian Pelletier says the urban art festival should take place in mid-August, and there will be warm-up events leading up to the main attraction. (We Live Up Here)

Sudbury's downtown core could soon be transformed through art.

The creators of the Sudbury project "We Live Up Here" are organizing a multi-venue urban art festival experience called "Up Fest".

The festival will feature live music and interactive art installations. It's expected to take place this summer with warm-up events earlier this year.

Co-creator Christian Pelletier described the festival as a one-of-a-kind experience for Sudburians.

“We've got Rib Fest and different festivals that happen within the downtown area, but none that fully embrace the downtown core. So we're looking at creating a multi-venue urban art experience where Durham Street will be turned into a playground of sorts.”

Up to a dozen new murals will be installed in Sudbury's downtown area leading up to the festival, Pelletier added.

The festival will give participants an active role in the events.

“It's a ... people-powered festival. It's not something you go to be entertained, it's something that you go to participate in, where every one's an active player in the festival.”

Pelletier said Up Fest will likely take place Aug. 13-15.

The group We Live Up Here, a multi-media arts project in Sudbury has announced the creation of a new arts festival for the city. It's called Up Fest and will take place in the city's downtown in August offering a multi-venue arts experience. 8:08


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