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Sudbury coalition intends to take back French programming from Laurentian University

A coalition to establish a French language university in Sudbury — for and by francophones — is preparing to repatriate French programming from Laurentian University. The challenge comes even as Laurentian continues to portray itself as the biggest bilingual university in northeastern Ontario with a bright future.

Laurentian's president says he was transparent with government about financial crisis prior to insolvency

The president and vice-chancellor of Laurentian University said he did reach out to both the provincial and federal governments and was transparent about the university’s financial difficulties prior to seeking creditor protection on February 1st.

Politicians point fingers over Laurentian University insolvency

Sudbury MP Paul Lefebvre says more could have been done to help Laurentian University before it declared itself financially insolvent, but a lack of communication stymied the process.

Judge seeks compromise for Laurentian creditors aiming for over $5M each

A judge overseeing insolvency proceedings at Laurentian University has come up with a tailor-made solution to the claims process after the northern Ontario school and one of its large claimants couldn’t agree on a path forward.

Laurentian University researcher uneasy about fate of Living with Lakes Centre property

The director of the Vale Living with Lakes Centre at Laurentian University says he's worried about the future of the iconic property.

Banks seek about $100M as insolvent Laurentian University prepares claims process

Former staff, union members and others who claim insolvent Laurentian University owes them money are getting a better idea of the path toward recouping their losses. The university and its court-appointed monitor, Ernst and Young, are establishing how the claims process goes forward.

Root of Laurentian's money problems still foggy, but university leaders past and present playing 'blame game'

Almost four months into the insolvency saga at Laurentian University, exactly how the school dug itself into this financial hole remains fuzzy. But now finally speaking publicly, the Sudbury, Ont., school's president is laying some of the blame on leaders who came before him. 

Laurentian University president grilled by northern Ontario MPs at Commons committee

The president of Laurentian University was called to a House of Commons committee Tuesday to discuss Indigenous midwifery education, but faced pointed questions about the school's finances and its staff and program cuts.

Laurentian president addresses students, says pandemic was 'final straw' that broke school

Robert Haché, Laurentian University's president, said it wasn't until he hired a third party to comb through the university's books that he realized how dire its financial situation was.

Laurentian University president to meet with students tonight

Laurentian University's president is meeting virtually with students tonight, the first time he's addressed them since the school affected drastic changes to navigate a financial crisis.

Francophone students at Laurentian leaving Sudbury for other Canadian schools in wake of cuts

Some Laurentian students looking to finish their studies in French say they have to leave Sudbury and are staking out schools in different parts of Canada despite the northwestern Ontario university's promise of options to complete their degrees locally.

U of S, Trent U professors to teach remaining Indigenous courses at Laurentian

Laurentian is offering six Indigenous Studies courses this spring, but they're not being taught by Laurentian faculty.

'I want my kids to keep playing,' Sudbury mom says as future of Laurentian sports facilities remains unclear

Jessica McShane said she’s worried that Sudbury could have fewer elite sports facilities if the string of drastic cuts at Laurentian University continues.

Laurentian University returning to in-class learning September

After being one of the province’s first post-secondary schools to shut down at the beginning of the pandemic, Laurentian University says it will be welcoming students back to class this fall.

Outgoing Laurentian physicist says northern program to train radiation therapists will end

A four-year program to train radiation therapists in Sudbury will end because of cuts to Laurentian University's physics department, says the department's outgoing chair, who's concerned the move could affect the future of cancer care in northern Ontario.

Laurentian University spring enrolment holds steady as restructuring continues

Laurentian University says the institution has maintained spring enrolment similar to last year's as it enters its second phase of restructuring.

Keep Laurentian University greenspace for community, citizens group says

The citizens group Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury wants to make sure the trails and greenspace on the Laurentian University campus remain available for the community. As part of its restructuring process, the school in Sudbury is undergoing a real estate review to monetize assets.

Laurentian student urging others to file complaints with Ontario Ombudsman over French language cuts

Laurentian University student Charlie Dedo is one of many starting to file complaints with the province's French Languages Unit in the Ontario's Ombudsman's office.

Auditor General investigation to shed light on Laurentian University's accounting

Nickel Belt NDP MPP France Gelinas says the province's Auditor General is getting ready to visit Laurentian University.

Loss of Indigenous studies program would reflect poorly on Laurentian, prof says

One of the oldest Indigenous studies programs in Canada will likely end as Laurentian University looks to terminate ties with the University of Sudbury, a move experts say could put the financially plagued school off the radar of an important population of students.

Laurentian University president weighs in as restructuring enters 2nd phase

In a letter published Monday, Laurentian University President Robert Haché is promising more communication and collaboration during the second stage of the school's restructuring process.

No bailout for Laurentian, Canadian Taxpayers Federation urges

Laurentian University needs to address some long-standing issues with its expenses, and taxpayers shouldn’t be expected to foot the bill, a federal advocacy group says.

Laurentian University gets judge's approval to stay open under creditor protection as it restructures

Insolvent Laurentian has cleared a critical obstacle to move forward with its plan to become financially stable, after a judge on Sunday agreed to allow the Sudbury, Ont., university to continue to operate while protected from creditors until Aug. 31.

Province says it will support midwifery students impacted by Laurentian cuts

Minister of Colleges and Universities Ross Romano issued a statement today about the midwifery program at Laurentian University, which was cut earlier this month. 

Laurentian created 'manufactured crisis' to cut ties with 3 schools for $10M loan, lawyer argues

Laurentian University's attempts to cut ties with three federated schools, on the road to getting a $10-million loan to help it continue with restructuring for survival, was met with heated opposition and accusations in Ontario Superior Court on Thursday.