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Filipino doctor makes Canada home to reunite with her family

While Dr. Angelita Sanchez was in medical school in the Philippines, she started to realize Canada could become her new home.
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Paula Wharton begged Canadian immigration officials to send her home. Instead, they suggested university

Paula Wharton was too young to remember when her mother was taken away to a sanatorium for tuberculosis, where she eventually died, leaving fifteen children behind.
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'Sudbury is home': Chinese immigrant has lived in city for almost 40 years

Karen Chen was only three months old when her family left China to live on the island of Taiwan. The Chinese Civil war had just ended, and members of the government with the Republic of China fled to Taiwan as the Communist Party of China took control of the country.
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Vietnamese refugee found freedom and love in Sudbury

Nam Le remembers seeing helicopters shooting missiles when the Viet Cong attacked the city of Saigon. Le grew up during the Vietnam War, and says the fear of being drafted into the army was a regular part of his life as a young man.
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'It was like an adventure': English war bride reflects on journey to Sudbury

May Collison was a young newlywed when she boarded a boat from England, to meet her new husband in Canada.
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'Canada has been very kind': Nigerian doctor on finding a new home in Sudbury

​Chiebere Ogbuneke was only 18 years old when he left Nigeria to study abroad. Ogbuneke was one of six children, and his father encouraged each of them to pursue an education outside of Nigeria.
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From war-torn Argentina to the place 'I could walk freely on the street'

Gustavo Arteca only planned on being in Canada for a year and a half when he left his home country of Argentina in 1986.
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Sudbury student gives back to the community through traditional Indian dance

Gurpreet Singh Broca has a busy schedule. Between his classes at Cambrian College, his role on student council as director of international student affairs and running his bhangra dance club, he doesn't have much time to spare.

Welcome the world at CBC Sudbury's Living Library

On Saturday, Oct. 14, CBC Sudbury is partnering up with the Greater Sudbury Public Library to host a Living Library at the south end location.
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Syrian refugee talks about the ups and downs of life in Sudbury

Mohamed Al Zahran only has a few memories of his life before the war that forced his family to leave Syria.
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'It was kind of a crazy idea': Sudbury man shares story of his journey from Nepal

Pradyumna Regmi was in his senior year of high school in Nepal, when he decided to leave that country to go to university — something no one in his family had ever done before.