Timmins recounting ballots for tight Ward 5 race

The City of Timmins is holding an official ballot recount, following a tight race for a seat in its fifth ward.

Andrew Marks and Cory Robin separated by two votes

Timmins won't release its official election results until Ward 5 ballots are recounted. (iStock)

The City of Timmins is holding an official ballot recount, following a tight race for a seat in its fifth ward.

Four councillors were to be elected to represent the ward after Monday's municipal election.

Andrew Marks and Cory Robin were among 12 candidates in the running. Both both took home 9.25 per cent of the vote, with Marks winning by a mere two ballots, according to the city's unofficial results.

The city says the ballots will be recounted on October 30 at 10 a.m. in council chambers.

The official election results will be released following the recount.

Unofficial Ward 5 results:

  • Kristin Murray - 3,369 votes, 11.82 per cent
  • Michelle Boileau - 3,280 votes, 11.51 per cent
  • Noella Rinaldo - 3,253 votes, 11.41 per cent
  • Andrew Marks - 2,637 votes, 9.25 per cent
  • Cory Robin - 2,635 votes 9.25 per cent
  • Michael ''J.J.'' Doody - 2,501 votes, 8.78 per cent
  • Rick Dubeau - 2,427 votes, 8.52 per cent
  • Alex Szczebonski - 2,378 votes, 8.34 per cent
  • Jason Sereda - 1,892 votes, 6.64 per cent
  • Jean (John) Roy - 1,681 votes, 5.9 per cent
  • Karina Miki Douglas-Takayesu - 1,493 votes, 5.24 per cent
  • John Ivanovs - 955 votes, 3.35%


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