The little dog that was lost for 13 days, only to return home at Christmas

They call their little Boston Terrier their Christmas Miracle after spending 13 days out in the cold before finding her way home on Christmas Day.

Shadow the Boston Terrier was so exhausted she could barely walk but recovered a few months later

12-year-old Boston Terrier Shadow was lost in a remote area north of North Bay last year for 13 days before finding her way home. She was very sick for a long time after suffering kidney failure due to dehydration. (Julie DeRoche)

December 13 last year was like any other day. Larry DeRoche took his three little Boston Terriers out for a walk. He and his wife Julie live in a remote area north of North Bay.

Shadow was lost while on a walk with owner Larry DeRoche 13 days before Christmas last year. When she finally found her way home she could hardly walk and had to be nursed back to health. (Julie DeRoche)

This day was a mild one, no snow on the ground, when Larry decided to take a different route. Not too far into the walk, he looked back and 12-year-old Shadow was missing. He figured she'd gone home on her own like she's done before, said Larry's wife, Julie DeRoche.

But when he got home, Shadow wasn't there. "We both searched all day and into the night and we started to get freezing rain, the weather was terrible and we had to quit."

DeRoche says they both searched again the next day and she said her husband wouldn't give up. On Christmas Day they decided there was nothing they could do and went to their son's house.

"I wasn't in any mood for celebrations at all," said DeRoche.

DeRoche said they went home early and as they were driving into the lane, they saw this little dog slowly walking her way towards them. They couldn't believe that it was Shadow, 13 days later.

"She just had the strength to give me a little lick on the cheek," said DeRoche. "She was so weak, just skin and bones.My husband fed her Christmas turkey and she devoured that."

Larry and Juile DeRoche searched for days after their 12-year-old Boston Terrier Shadow went missing on a walk in a remote area around their home. Shadow finally found her way home on Christmas day last year. (Juile DeRoche)

They took her to the vet the next day and found out that her kidneys were about to shut down. She also had a very serious skin and eye infection.

They were told she would get better in time.

"A year later Shadow is still with us," said DeRoche. "And we call her our little Christmas miracle. At this time of year we can't help thinking about how she suffered during those days and we are so grateful she is here with us this Christmas."


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