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Surprising catch shows Sudbury’s Ramsey Lake is bouncing back

An ice fisherman has discovered that a long lost fish species has returned to Ramsey Lake in Sudbury.
A ling cod was recently caught in Ramsey Lake in Sudbury. The species of fish hasn't been spotted in the lake in decades. (Facebook)
It's a fish tale even some scientist had a hard time believing, but it's true. Ling fish are back in Lake Ramsey. That fish hasn't been seen in lake Ramsey for years. Have a listen to find out how the fish was rediscovered. 7:57

An ice fisherman has discovered that a long lost fish species has returned to Ramsey Lake in Sudbury.

Laurentian University employee Bill Sanders was fishing in the CPR Bay this winter when he made the surprising catch.

“I got another bit and I pulled the ling out, a ling cod,” he said.

“I was very excited about that, because I actually love to eat ling cod.”

Sanders had never seen ling in Ramsey Lake before, so he notified the Living with Lakes Centre.

The director said ling have not been spotted in the lake for decades.

“Well, we certainly like Bill, but we didn’t quite believe him,” John Gunn said.

“It was a real surprise.”

Gunn said the return of the species is good news.

“It means cleaner air makes cleaner water and sensitive specie like the ling can come back,” he said.

Gunn added the fish is very sensitive, and this is a good sign that the lake continues to recover from decades of mining pollution. 


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