A closer look at Dann Kingsley's new Tesla 3

When you get into Dann Kingsley’s new vehicle, you’ll notice there are a few things missing: a gasoline engine and an odometer.

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When you get into Dann Kingsley's new vehicle, you'll notice there are a few things missing: a gasoline engine and an odometer.

The Sudbury man owns a fully electric vehicle, a Tesla 3 developed by entrepreneur Elon Musk. Kingsley says he's the first person in northern Ontario to own one.

Inside the vehicle, there sits a screen that controls the vehicle.

"It's basically like an iPad Pro glued to your dash," he said.

"That's it. There's no other buttons or knobs. The only other controls are the door switches … but everything from the glove box to the navigation to the charging is all run from the centre display."

More than two years ago, Kingsley reserved the vehicle which hadn't been put into production yet. He says the first models starting coming into Canada about five weeks ago, and he received his new car at the end of May.

"I was the first in Sudbury [to own a Tesla 3] but I've seen three others now," he said.

"It's not a car built around a motor. It's a computer on wheels."


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