Sudbury Wolves get a new owner — and a fresh start?

Fans of the Sudbury Wolves say the purchase of the team will give it a fresh start.

Pending OHL board approval, Zulich will take ownership of team

Sudbury Wolves goaltender minds the net. Archival photo. (Canadian Press)

Fans of the Sudbury Wolves say the purchase of the team will give it a fresh start.

Last week, the team was bought by businessman Dario Zulich.

And fans say the change will improve ticket sales and bring momentum to the push for a new arena in the city.

Long time fan Andrew Zacharosky has been following the Sudbury Wolves for about 30 years.

He says he was shocked when he heard the Burgess and Edwards families sold the team.

"I didn't think they would actually do that," he said.

"I always thought they loved the team and I thought that they would keep the team for as long as they can."

But Zacharosky acknowleges the change in ownership will offer the team a new beginning.

Ron Dupuis, a former owner of the Sudbury Wolves, says the team's new owner will give them a fresh start and help with dwindling ticket sales. (Samantha Lui/CBC)

'It all blends together very well'

Ron Dupuis, a former owner of the team, said he is excited about the news.

Zulich is one of the proponents behind the proposal to build the True North Strong event centre on the Kingsway. The entrepreneur was in the news this earlier week for his purchase of the Pearl Street water tower.

If the plan goes ahead, Dupuis said purchasing the team would boost the arena's presence and help dwindling ticket sales.

"It's a perfect marriage and, by doing that, I think that's one of the driving forces behind Mr. Zulich's reasoning in buying the Wolves hockey club," he said.

"Mr. Zulich is certainly going to bring a fresh new look to the team. And especially, it's going to complement his new proposed arena on the Kingsway. So, it all blends in together very well."

While the Wolves franchise may see improvement on the business side, freelance sports writer Randy Pascal says he doesn't think the team's performance will be significantly stronger.

"Will they be changing anything in terms of the hockey operation side? I would guess not," he said.

"I would be surprised if they did for this coming year."

Pascal said the current coaches will likely be kept in place for now. But he noted the team is poised to be different on the ice, because of younger players coming in.

Dario Zulich won't comment on the deal until it's approved by the OHL.


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