Sudbury voters explain why casting a ballot is important

Some voters in Sudbury are calling it their duty. Others say you can't complain if you don't cast a ballot.

CBC asked voters at polling stations 'Why do you vote?'

Reynald Coolman, a Sudbury voter, says immigration concerns are one of the reasons he's motivated to vote in the 2019 federal election. (Wendy Bird/CBC)

The countdown is on.

Elections Canada is expected to announce results from the 2019 federal election this evening. Polls have been open in Sudbury since this morning, and CBC News visited a polling station in the city's west end to ask voters why they thought it was important to cast their ballot in this election.

Marilyn Harry called voting "her duty."

"Well it's really a privilege," she said. "It really is.  Where we live, we have to be thankful."

Harry also said she'd like to see some change in how candidates interact with one another.

"It would be nice if the people that are running don't complain about each other," Harry said.  "That would be really nice. Use their manners more."

Marilyn Harry said she feels it's a privilege to vote, and that electoral candidates should be mindful of their manners when dealing with each other. (Wendy Bird/CBC)

Julie Laplante said she'd like to see more Canadians taking more consideration into who governs the country. 

"I really want people to represent what they stand for in Canada and what they want out of Canadians," Laplante said. 

She added that she's hoping to see a lot of change after this election.

"Student fees and all that, relief of debt. It's the biggest thing for me," she said.

Conway Turnbull gave a more personal reason for why he votes.

"It's important because I like to complain," he said. "If you don't vote, you don't have a right to complain." 

Turnbull said that the issues on his mind are the economy, local jobs and "whatever makes us better in life."

Reynald Coolman said voting is important to help make a decision on the direction the country is heading. He said concerns about immigration top his list of election issues.

"We have too many illegal immigrants coming in...and taxpayers have to pay more taxes to keep it going," he said. "While the real people who are skilled have to wait in line to come through the right channel."

To see what time your polling station closes, click the following link to Elections Canada.

With files from Wendy Bird


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