Sudbury's Andrew Knapp, dog Momo, touring second 'hide-and-seek' book

Sudbury's most famous hide-and-seek duo — Andrew Knapp and his border collie Momo — are hitting the road on a new book tour.

Photographer's first book, 'Find Momo' hit the New York Times best seller list

Sudbury-based photographer Andrew Knapp with his dog Momo. The pair, seen here in CBC Sudbury's Morning North studio, are about to start touring their second book, "Find Momo Coast to Coast". (Roger Corriveau)

Sudbury's Andrew Kapp has created a second book with pictures of his dog hiding. The new book is "Finding Momo Coast to Coast". Andrew Knapp and Momo joined us in studio to chat about the new book. 7:49

If you're looking for Momo in the days to come, you'll likely find him on the road. 

Sudbury's famous and photogenic "hide-and-seek" border collie is the subject of a second book by his owner and best friend, photographer and author Andrew Knapp, and the pair are about to tour "Finding Momo Coast to Coast".

"[The book] was super, super fun to make," said Knapp, who spent four months taking pictures of his playful pup at famous landmarks around Canada and the United States.

"Popular landmarks, but also really, really weird places ... like an abandoned religious theme park, or like a side-of-the-road Route 66 folk art gallery," he said. 

Momo also had his picture taken at the White House, but it wasn't in the Oval Office. 

"[He] was behind a protester," Knapp said with a laugh. 

As for Canadian landmarks, Momo toured sites from the west coast back to Ontario, and finally home again. 

"Of course, the book ends at the famous Sudbury landmark: the Big Nickel," said Knapp.

This is the second such effort by Knapp, and might be another smash hit. "Find Momo" was released in 2014 and made the New York Times best seller list. 

"It's nice to see how far it stretched," he said. "It went into seven languages and all across the world, and I get messages from people I don't understand and it's amazing." 

"Finding Momo Coast to Coast" will be released for sale on Tuesday. Knapp and Momo start their tour in Connecticut on May 16 and travel until the end of June. Canadian tour dates will be released soon. 


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