Sudbury police submit $51 million budget for 2014

The budget is one and a half million dollars larger than last year, partly due to the hiring of new officers.

Mayor Matichuk expresses concern over rising departmental budget.

Sudbury police are asking for $51.5 million for 2014.

Policing in Sudbury is going to cost about 51 and a half million dollars next year, about one and a half million more than was budgeted in 2013. 

The police force has said the increase is partially due to the hiring of 4 new full-time office workers.

Sudbury Mayor Marianne Matichuk criticized the budget, arguing that the workforce for other city departments has been reduced in the last few years. 

"I just think that's not really acceptable," said Matichuk. "I understand there are contractual things, but if the rest of the city is looking at [reductions]." 

Police Chief Frank Elsner argued the police force is saving money by holding off on the hiring of two additional officers. 

Councillor worried about crime rate

Greater Sudbury Police Chief Frank Elsner said that staff reductions in his department would have "an impact." (Megan Thomas/CBC)

City councillor JoscelyneLandry-Altmann expressed concern during the meeting that reductions to police staff would risk public safety. 

Landry-Altmann asked Elsner if he believed the crime rate would rise with a reduction in police staff. Chief Elsner did not answer the question directly, but warned that cuts would have an impact. 

90 per cent of the Sudbury police budget goes towards salaries and benefits for employees.