Greater Sudbury police finding illegal cannabis products in convenience stores

Greater Sudbury police are finding illegal cannabis products on the shelves of some convenience stores, where the owners don't even know they're breaking the law.
Greater Sudbury Police say some local businesses are unaware that they are illegally selling cannabis products, such as CBD oils. (BC Cannabis Stores)

Greater Sudbury Police say some stores in the city may be unaware that they are selling illegal cannabis products.

It seems to be widely known that marijuana is only legally purchased on-line from the Ontario government.

But Staff Sergeant Rick Waugh says many businesses don't realize that that also applies to CBD products such as oil and capsules.

CBD is a compound found in cannabis that doesn't make users feel 'high,' but many believe it has health benefits.

Greater Sudbury Police Staff Sergeant Rick Waugh says even he gets confused about what is legal and what isn't under the new cannabis laws. (Robin De Angelis/CBC)

"As a police officer, and being a senior police officer, I have to admit there's even, you know, I've been confused about some of the things that are legal, and so we're trying to work our way through the legislation as well," Waugh says.

He says he recently worked with a convenience store owner who didn't know they had illegal drugs on their shelves.

"We'll be willing to work with anybody in the community to make sure the rules are being followed and that everyone remains safe," he says.

Sudbury police continue to visit stores, not to lay charges, but to make sure business owners understand the law.

With files from Kate Rutherford


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