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Meet the Sudbury pharmacists dispensing healthy, local food

Seasons Pharmacy and Culinaria on Lorne Street combines a traditional pharmacy with a 'food hub.'

Seasons Pharmacy and Culinaria is a traditional pharmacy combined with a 'food hub'

Laurie Pennell (left) and Rachelle Rocha are pharmacists and co-owners of Seasons Pharmacy and Culinaria in Sudbury. (Brandon Gray Photography)

Laurie Pennell and Rachelle Rocha used to work for the pharmacy divisions of some of Canada's major retailers — stores that as Rocha puts it, "sold a lot of junk food."

Over the years, the juxtaposition of being in an environment that sold life-saving medication as well as unhealthy food made them think more about the link between our overall health and the quality of what we consume.

So when the two women had the chance to open their own pharmacy in 2019, Rocha and Pennell decided to open a business where fresh, healthy local food is just as important as the medications being dispensed.

A third of the store is a pharmacy, a third is a commercial kitchen, and a third is food and food-related items. (Brandon Gray Photography)

Tap on the player to hear Rocha explain how Seasons Pharmacy and Culinaria works. 

This week, we're in Sudbury to visit a place on Lorne Street called Seasons Pharmacy and Culinaria. It's owned by pharmacists Rochelle Rocha and Laurie Pennell. Jonathan spoke with Rocha to learn more.

Seasons Pharmacy and Culinaria is located at 815 Lorne St. in Sudbury.

Rocha preparing food in the store's open kitchen. (Brandon Gray Photography)

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