Opera for a Cause set for Sudbury

It’s not often making a call to CBC Radio can get you on stage singing opera, but a Sudbury man is getting ready to perform for the fifth year in a row on stage after making the call.
Christian Howald (right) with his son Quade (left) will perform at the Opera for a Cause gala. (Martha Dillman/CBC)
Opera for a Cause, a fundraising concert for a couple of local charities in Sudbury, is now in it's fourth year and has been well received by the public every year. Soprano Pamela Teed will be performing at the event. She told us more about it. 5:15

It's not often making a call to CBC Radio can get you on stage singing opera, but after making the call, a Sudbury man is getting ready to perform on stage for the fifth year in a row.

Five years ago, CBC's northeastern Ontario radio program Morning North held a contest to give away opera tickets to 'Opera for a Cause,' a gala where proceeds go to the Blue Door Soup Kitchen and the Infant Food Bank.

Christian Howald went into his garage and sang to win the tickets.

"It was scary," he said with a laugh.

But then after it aired on CBC Radio, he got a call asking him to join the group. He took his son Quade to join as well.

"I didn't really know if I could sing or not, but I proved myself," Quade said.

Christian says he has no formal training to sing, but grew up singing and yodeling.

"I was born in Switzerland so speaking Germanic is very loud at home," he said. "So I kind of developed the pipes."

He says he enjoys singing, especially in other languages.

"When you sing Italian, you get away with swearing and you don't get in trouble for it," he said.

"So in schools they have these rules [where] you're not allowed to talk about this or that. But Quade sang about some pretty shady stuff at his school."

The event will take place this weekend with two performances scheduled. It will feature several vocalists and a chamber orchestra.