Sudbury, North Bay under Flash Freeze Warnings for this afternoon

Environment Canada has issued a Flash Freeze warning for Greater Sudbury and North Bay - West Nipissing. Snowfall warnings remain in place for Timmins, Cochrane, Iroquois Falls, as well as Little Abitibi-Kesagami Lake.

Environment Canada warning of rapid temperature drop causing treacherous conditions during afternoon commute

Plows across north-eastern Ontario have been busy as snowfall warnings were issued for areas around Timmins. Those warnings have since been dropped but a flash freeze warning remains for Sudbury and North Bay. (Marko Roy/Radio-Canada)

Environment Canada has issued a flash freeze warning for Greater Sudbury and North Bay-West Nipissing. 

The national weather agency says the mild and moist conditions which blanketed the region this morning, will depart this afternoon and create conditions ideal for a flash freeze.

In Sudbury, Environment Canada says the cold front of the storm that brought snow and freezing rain Thursday, will move through the area around 4pm. Temperatures are expected to drop from 6 to -5 by early evening, before continuing to drop to a low of -20 by Saturday morning. 

Conditions in North Bay are expected to begin deteriorating at 6pm, with temperatures dropping from 6 to -5 by 9pm. From there, temperatures will drop to an overnight low of -17, Environment Canada predicts.

The agency warns surfaces such as highways, roads, sidewalks and parking lots will quickly freeze over, creating hazardous conditions.

"We want people to be careful, if they are out on the roads, this afternoon or evening," says Gerald Cheng, meteorologist, with Environment Canada.

Partially snow covered roads along Highway 11 between Hearst and Kapuskasing on Friday. The area received snowfall due to a Colorado low that travelled across Northern Ontario. (Marko Roy/Radio-Canada)