Sudbury Hydro rate increase could come in May

Greater Sudbury Hydro has applied to the Ontario Energy Board for a go-ahead to raise its 2020 hydro rates.

Application to increase rates would help replace WW2-era infrastructure

Sudbury Hydro says it has made an application to to the Ontario Energy Board to raise rates by approximately $6.50 a month.

Greater Sudbury Hydro has applied to the Ontario Energy Board for a go-ahead to raise its 2020 hydro rates.

Wendy Watson, spokesperson for the utility, says that would bump monthly bills up by $6.50, but still puts them in a spot where they are playing catch-up.

"We're still not going to keep pace with that inflationary bulge," Watson said. "But this will allow us to do things that need to be done to keep the system reliable, resilient and sustain it."

"We also have to replace a whole lot of aging assets that were built right after World War II," she said. "If we don't, then further downstream we're going to have a huge infrastructure deficit, and you can't have that, because that's when things start failing."

Wendy Watson is the director of communications for Sudbury Hydro. (Sophie Houle-Drapeau/Radio-Canada)

Watson added that an application to the OEB is standard practice every five years, and doesn't necessarily mean that the request to bump rates will be approved.

If they do get the go-ahead, the rates could increase as early as May 1.

In the meantime, customers can still have their say. 

"You can file your comments with the Ontario Energy Board, you can request intervenor status if you want to do that," Watson said. "You have to take these actions before January 20th. That's when this period of consultation will close."


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