Sudbury soccer club to kick off free classes for girls

A new program being offered in Sudbury aims to break down barriers for young girls playing sports by offering soccer classes for free.

The initiative for girls aged 7 to 14 aims to build self-esteem, confidence and promote healthy lifestyle

Dayna Corelli is a coach with the Greater Sudbury Soccer Club (Jan Lakes / CBC)

A new program being offered in Sudbury aims to break down barriers for young girls playing sports by offering soccer classes for free.

The program, which is being run by the Greater Sudbury Soccer Club, kicks off Mar. 23.

"You have confidence, you have a great social network now and you had a sport to play growing up that kept you in a healthy lifestyle," said Dayna Corelli, a coach with the club, of the various benefits to getting involved in athletics at a young age.

The program is for girls aged seven to 14. Corelli said girls are less likely to play soccer than boys because they often feel self-conscious about their abilities and can be hesitant to show off their skills in front of people.

Corelli says the goal of this course is to change that attitude and motivate young women.

'You get the chance to try it'

Offering the classes for free also removes the barrier of cost to try out a new sport.

"Sometimes costs can be the deterrent when a parent doesn't know if their child would necessary like a sport," Corelli said.

"So you get the chance to try it, and if you don't like it at all, fine. You got a new experience," she continued.

"If it happened to peak your interest, I mean, what a great opportunity."

All the coaches in the program are female, Corelli said.


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