Sudbury crafters aiding displaced Aussie animals

The Canadian Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild is creating knitted, sewn and handmade items to help rescuers keep animals safe and protected.

The Canadian Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild is creating handmade items to help animals

Shannon Boone, Carole Côté and Kaitlyn Vallières are creating handmade items for animals affected by Australian bush fires. (Markus Schwabe/CBC)

Australian bush fires have devastated the habitats of wildlife.

Halfway around the world in Sudbury, the pictures have touched peoples' hearts.

Some are responding to a call to put their crafting and sewing skills to work.

The Canadian Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild is creating knitted, sewn and handmade items to help rescuers keep animals safe and protected.

In Sudbury, Carole Côté says she's not crafty herself but is organizing pick-ups and drop-offs of donations.

"Australia was always one place that I've always dreamed of visiting and it actually kind of breaks my heart seeing the way it is right now," Côté  said. "And after seeing all the animals and the news articles come in I just wanted to get involved in one way or another."

Côté  says people can help by donating yarn and other materials.

"People can contact us and let us know what they are willing to donate and if they need a pick- up point or a drop-off point," she said. [We've] been putting all that information out there for everybody on that group where you can also find all the patterns needed and the proper materials needed for all these creations." 

Shannon Boone is creating items and also connecting people who want to be involved. She said images of the burning landscape left an impact with her.

"My heart was just pulled into that direction within seconds," she said. "I can't explain that. It's just what moved me when I started."

Boone has crocheted bird nests, which have already been put to use.

"We're seeing videos that are coming into the group now where people have made them and they're showing it to their little birds," Boone said. "Those little birds just love it."

Kaitlyn Vallières  is a sewer and business owner who is offering her business as a drop off spot.

"I'm a seamstress by nature, so I'm a crafty person to begin with," Vallières said. "So anytime I see a situation where I might be able to lend a hand, I say 'why not?'"

"And I feel like we have a responsibility to help wildlife whenever we can," she added. "Whatever way is possible for us...I mean, if I can make pouches or if I can offer up my space so that other people might be able to, why not?" 

More information is available on their Facebook site: Help Save Australian Animals-Sudbury Hub

Crafters in northeastern Ontario are creating bird nests, joey pouches and bat wraps to help animals displaced by fires in Australia. The CBC's Markus Schwabe went to speak with some of the crafters in Sudbury about the items they're creating and to find out why they getting involved. 9:24


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