Don't fall for Canada Revenue Agency scam calls, warn police

A popular phone scam has resurfaced in northeastern Ontario — and it’s duped several people out of thousands of dollars.
Northeast OPP say they are getting reports of fraudsters calling people claiming to be officers with the CRA. (CBC)
People in the northeast are receiving calls from someone claiming to be an officer with the CRA. The caller tries to dupe you into giving personal information or paying money they say you owe the CRA. We heard more from OPP sergeant Crystal Jones. 5:46

A popular phone scam has resurfaced in the northeast — and it's duped several people out of thousands of dollars.

Sudbury resident Morley Reilly said he received a strange phone call last week from a person claiming to from the Canada Revenue Agency.

"She started off by asking my name and address and all this crap," the 83-year-old said.

"That's where I ended the conversation because I started to get suspicious. I didn't believe that the government would call me on the phone about a tax issue."

Sergeant Chrystal Jones of the northeast Ontario Provincial Police told CBC News they have received numerous reports of the CRA scam in the last two months.

One person in the Parry Sound area was tricked into handing over $5,000.

"These fraudsters are very good at what they do," Jones said.

"They are high pressure, and they use these tactics that make you feel you have to give money to them."

Jones says any time someone calls claiming to be an authority and asking you for money, collect any info you can, such as the person's name, location, and phone number — then hang up and call police.

Reilly said he's concerned about people who may be gullible when it comes to calls like these.

"For a gullible person, it would be quite convincing," he said.

"That's what worries me. I mean, you get some old lady or some old man, and holy Christmas … it would put them into a panic."

The OPP said no legitimate agency will ever phone you asking for personal information.

Anyone who receives suspicious communications should report the incident to local police and also report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre here.


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