Conservative candidate hopes to make history in Sudbury

Sudbury's federal Conservative candidate is hoping to make some financial changes and make some history.

St-Amant says he's a fiscal conservative

Pierre St-Amant is the Conservative Party of Canada's candidate for Sudbury. (Jamie-Lee McKenzie/CBC)

The Conservative Party of Canada's candidate for Sudbury is hoping to make some financial changes and make some history.

Pierre St-Amant is originally from the Eastern Townships in Quebec and grew up speaking both French and English. He's had a long career in the Canadian military, which included two United Nations tours — one in the Middle East and one in Africa.

"I was 41 years in the military, retired three years ago as a signals officer in rank of a major, I started off as a reservist in the Eastern Townships where I grew up," St-Amant said. "Basically I started there when I started college and well I've been sort of continuing serving Canada since then."

He met his wife in the military, they were married for 24 years and have two children, Jonathan and Camille. A few years ago his wife died from glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer.

About two years ago, St-Amant moved to Sudbury to settle down with his fiancée, Anne-Marise Lavoie, a professor at Laurentian University.

"It was a love story, I guess kind of a dual love story," said St-Amant. After meeting Lavoie, he moved to Sudbury with his three cats to settle down with her, which is one love story.

"But I actually fell in love with Sudbury because it's a fascinating city. I grew up in a very bilingual area of Quebec... and Sudbury kind of reminds me of where I grew up, it's very bilingual and it's an interesting mix," he said. 

"Sudbury is a lesson in geography and history, it's such a beautiful area with a lot of lakes... I'm a history buff and historically it's so central to Canadian history."

We feel we have a better environmental plan than the carbon tax and it's based on technology- Pierre St-Amant

And while he still doesn't know Sudbury as much as he hopes to, he says door knocking and meeting people is helping him discover more of the city.

As for his politics, St-Amant said he is a fiscal conservative, which is part of the reason he decided to run for the Conservative Party of Canada.

"Health care is very, very important to me and we have to really focus on looking where we can manage the budget and where we can ensure that we have for the future, for our social services and our health care," he said.

"We want to cut the carbon tax, we feel we have a better environmental plan than the carbon tax and it's based on technology, we're going to encourage companies to clean up because right now there's a lot of exemptions."

The Conservatives also plan to eliminate the GST on home heating, he says.

He says both the carbon tax and GST on home heating affects low-income families and cutting both will significantly help low-income families. 

"I'm a big supporter of course of our basic government functions of education, health services and social services."

If St-Amant is elected as a Member of Parliament, he would be the first Conservative to represent Sudbury since the Sudbury electoral riding was created in 1947.

"I'm really hoping to represent Sudbury and be the voice of Sudbury in the Conservative Party, it would be quite a change," St-Amant said.

"We may be making a little history... and I think we could bring some very good things to Sudbury."


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