Stack Brewing rebrands its Moose beers

Stack Brewing is saying good bye to Angry Moose and Friendly Moose, and has rebranded the brews.

Moose brews now known as Stack 72 and Shatter Cone

Stack Brewing in Sudbury has rebranded two of it's beers that used to be called Angry Moose and Friendly Moose. Moosehead breweries has the sole rights to the word moose when it comes to beer. (Supplied/Stack Brewing)
Stack Brewing had to ditch Angry Moose and Friendly Moose after Moosehead Brewery said it had the sole rights to the word "moose" when it comes to beer.

Stack Brewing is saying goodbye to Angry Moose and Friendly Moose, and is welcoming Stack 72 and Shatter Cone.

On Thursday night, there was a party in downtown Sudbury to launch the two newly named beers.

Last month, Stack Brewing received a phone call from Moosehead breweries.

Stack was told Moosehead has the sole rights to the word ‘moose’ when it comes to beer, and as a result, Stack’s ‘Angry Moose’ and ‘Friendly Moose’ beer underwent a name change.

Shawn Mailloux, president and owner of the company, said when rebranding Angry Moose, the company decided to go a bit historical and tie it to the iconic stack in Sudbury.

Shawn Mailloux opened Stack Brewing in 2012. (Megan Thomas/CBC)

That beer will now be known as Stack 72, which is the year the Inco super-stack in Sudbury was completed.

He said someone suggested the name of the beer be tied to a significant date in Sudbury, leading to the new name.

“I kind of like the fact that people can go somewhere and ask ‘Give me a 72 or a Stack 72,’ which sounds kind of cool,” he said.

Mailloux said the red colour scheme will remain on the product, complete with the stack as part of the logo.

As for the rebranding of Friendly Moose, Mailloux said the company also kept the theme local in that process.

He said the company decided to go with a geological formation around Sudbury, known as the Shatter Cone.

“You can see them quite nicely at High Falls at Onaping Falls,” he said.

It also ties into another beer by Stack, called Impact, he said.

“So the impact created the Sudbury basin and also created shatter cones,” he said.

“So it’s a nice, short, punchy name.”

Mailloux said that label was a bit more challenging to create.

“We kind of tied in a little bit of those stories of NASA coming here to test various equipment because of our barren landscape,” he said.

Mailloux said, overall, the rebranding process has been stressful.

“[There were] many sleepless nights in deciding what to do,” he said.

“It’s very hard to name things now … especially in the brewing industry because there’s so many breweries now with so many different brands. It’s kind of hard to find something that’s not being used already.”


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