Plan to have more people move to Smooth Rock Falls a success

A plan to entice people to move to a small town in northern Ontario seems to be working.

24 new families have moved to the community since the program started, officials say

The Town of Smooth Rock Falls is going to start offering more land at a discounted price, after selling 15 lots for $500 each. (Facebook/Town of Smooth Rock Falls)

A plan to entice people to move to a small town in northern Ontario seems to be working.

Last year, Smooth Rock Falls launched a campaign to increase its population. The benefits include tax incentives, new home construction rebates and selling lots for $500.

The result? In the past year, 24 new families have moved to the town, 49 properties have changed ownership and new businesses are starting to open.

"We received more than 1,000 queries of interest after our offer of $500 made headlines across Canada and around the world, and we continue to receive three to five new queries a week," Luc Denault, CAO of the community said.

"It's been a bit overwhelming but we're proud of what Smooth Rock Falls has accomplished in just a year."

Denault says many of the new families are young who are looking for an affordable place to live.

"What we're seeing also is people who are retiring are coming to Smooth Rock Falls," he said.

"We have a very active aging at home program and there's availability of health services."

As for the cost, Denault says the price of an average home in Smooth Rock Falls is about $68,000. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the average price of a home in Ontario is $583,637.

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