Sheri-Lynn McEwan murder remains unsolved, one year later

Today marks one year since a woman was murdered in the community of Estaire, just south of Sudbury.

New OPP detective looking into unexplained murder of 40-year-old Estaire woman

A file photo from Oct. 8, 2013. OPP officers were at the home where 40-year-old Sheri-Lynn McEwan was found dead. The house is in a wooded area off Nelson road in Estaire. (Amy Dodge/CBC)
Last year's murder of Sheri-Lynn McEwan in Estaire continues to haunt the community. The CBC's Olivia Stefanovich spoke with Jenny Borton about the murder. She's the fire chief of the Estaire Wanup Volunteer Fire department where Sheri-Lynn volunteered.

Today marks one year since a woman was murdered in the community of Estaire, just south of Sudbury.

Details about what happened to 40-year-old Sheri-Lynn McEwan remain sparse, but the investigation is ongoing.

And, there's a fresh set of eyes looking into the case.

Shawn Glassford is the new OPP detective inspector on the case.

The Orillia-based detective is urging the public to come forward with any information they may have — even if they think it's nothing.

 “What I would ask is that anybody who has information on the case, no matter how insignificant they feel it is, if they could please let us know. We want to talk to people that had any information concerning the homicide,” he said.

"It could be that piece of the puzzle that we're looking for."

Glassford said anyone with information about McEwan's murder should call Sudbury OPP or Crimestoppers.

Unanswered questions

Friends of McEwan hope the puzzle is solved soon — and some say they haven't felt safe since her murder.

"I've never slept with a baseball bat beside my bed before in my life and now I do,” said Jennifer Bora, who knew McEwan for 12 years. 

She said it's hard living with so many unanswered questions about her friend's death.

"You want to know that, every day, somebody's sitting in their damn office looking at the files of Sheri-Lynn McEwan to figure out what the hell happened to her."

What is known is that, on Oct. 7 of last year, McEwan was coming back from Toronto with some friends.

The group had just spent a weekend in Las Vegas.

They dropped McEwan off at her home. It was from there that a 911 call was made shortly afterwards.

The call was made at about 4:02 p.m. OPP can't say who called and they can't confirm reports that there wasn’t any sound on the other end.

Friends have said nothing looked out of place when they dropped McEwan off that day.

A suspect has never been named in the investigation and OPP can't say if it was an isolated or random attack.

In an effort to help, Estaire volunteer fire fighters have given samples of their DNA to OPP.

Meanwhile, McEwan's house has been sold to a family, who moved in this June. They volunteer at the fire department as well.

As for the anniversary of her death, McEwan is being honoured today at Health Sciences North, where she worked as a nurse.

Operating room staff members will host a potluck, and a plaque will be erected in her memory.

It's been one year since the murder of Sudbury nurse Sheri-Lynn McEwan. The CBC's Olivia Stefanovich spoke with four of McEwan's closest friends and co-workers. They shared some of their memories.


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