Rum Balls! Up North's Jason Turnbull and Wendy Bird get rolling in the kitchen

Rum balls are a favourite on the holiday sweet table.

A great way to use up leftover cake and cookies, rum balls are a simple way to wow holiday sweet lovers

Wendy Bird and Jason Turnbull usually like to ham it up on the air. They took some of that fun and brought it into the kitchen as they whipped up some holiday rum balls. (Wendy Bird/CBC)
The last of our festive baking series with Up North associate producer Wendy Bird. Host Jason Turnbull joins her in her kitchen to roll some rum balls. 8:19

Rum balls are a favourite on the holiday sweet table.

One bite and people are hooked on the texture, taste and smell.

There are many different recipes for rum balls — a confection that was first created to use up leftover cake and cookies.

The baked goods are pulverized into crumbs and then mixed with anything from orange juice to jam to sweetened condensed milk and, of course rum! (Or any other liquor you prefer).

On a recent episode of Up North, CBC's northern Ontario afternoon radio show, we talked about making rum balls with associate producer Wendy Bird. Tap here to listen:

You can get the recipe Wendy uses on this site.

Up North associate producer Wendy Bird uses a brownie-based recipe to make rum balls. Here she is rolling them in sanding sugar. (Jason Turnbull/CBC)


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