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Renee Sweeney murder: tips continue to come in 17 years later

Sudbury Police say they’re still investigating tips in the murder of a young woman 17 years ago.
Renee Sweeney was stabbed to death in January 1998 while working in a store in Sudbury. (Supplied)
It's been 17 years since the murder of Renee Sweeney in Sudbury. It remains unsolved but police say they are still actively investigating tips. Sergeant Dave Toffoli spoke to the CBC's Kate Rutherford about the investigation. 5:58
​Sudbury Police say they’re still investigating tips in the murder of a young woman 17 years ago.

Renee Sweeney, 24, was working at an adult only video store on Paris Street on this day in 1998, when a man came into the store around 11 a.m. and stabbed her in an apparent robbery.

Sergeant David Toffoli has been the investigator on the case for the past 10 years.

He said police received about 30 new tips last year.

“The actual case is out there on a lot of websites,” he said. “It’s been published in a few books, and we’re getting tips from pretty much across Canada plus a few from the States.”

Toffoli said police look at every tip.

“They’re all followed up, depending on what the tip is,” he said. “There’s different ways for us to do that. A lot of times we’ll use the local police force from where the tip came from.”

Toffoli said police have the suspect’s DNA but it has never matched any in the DNA registry.


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