People looking for the elusive sasquatch in northern Ontario

There are several groups and inviduals dedicated to finding evidence of the existence of a hairy ape-like creature called sasquatch.

Several sasquatch sightings over the decades have not yielded scientific proof

Bigfoot footprint casts created by biologist John Bindernagel. (Supplied)
Backroads Bill a.k.a. Bill Steer, takes us on a search for the sasquatch. Does the creatures really exist and is it here in Northern Ontario? 7:18

Despite no scientific proof of their existence, the search for a sasquatch continues in Ontario.

Northern Ontario adventurer Bill Steer admits, "when I'm walking alone, I'm always looking over my left shoulder."

He goes on to ask, "Is it possible a prehistoric bipedal ape-like creature could exist in northern Ontario?"

A non-profit organization called Ontario Sasquatch formed in 2006 is dedicated to researching possible bigfoot sightings. According to its website, it believes the "sasquatch exists and is a flesh and blood hominid that is well adapted to its habitat."

More than 70 reports have been documented by the group in the past few years including several first hand encounters.

A Youtube website run by Mike Patterson called Sasquatch Ontario claims to have a recording of a sasquatch. The site says, "Sasquatch Ontario is dedicated to helping others understand the hidden truth of the sasquatch people." 

That organization claims to have documented the existence of a sasquatch family on a private property in Ontario for more than two years. 

Dr. John Bindernagel, a BC wildlife biologist who is seriously studying the bigfoot in North America, is convinced of its existence and has several plaster casts of sasquatch footprints. 

Northern Ontario adventure Bill Steer is still on the fence. "I've heard and seen many strange things out there in the backroads. I guess I'm going to default to primatologist Jane Goodall," who once said "I'm a romantic, so I've always wanted them to exist.'"


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