'9,000 hectares burning to the ground:' Sudbury musician pens homage to Parry Sound firefighters

Sudbury musician Jo-Po said it was the sight and smell of smoke in the air at her camp on Panache Lake that motivated her to do more in the effort to battle a northern Ontario forest fire.

'Parry Sound 33' has quickly attracted attention online

Sudbury musician Jo-Po said it as the sight and smell of smoke in the air over Panache Lake that motivated her to help in the efforts against Parry Sound 33, a forest fire that had been scorching a swath of land in northern Ontario. 

"I thought 'wow,' this is really hitting home," JoPo told CBC's Up North. "I should be doing everything I can to help fight these fires."

The fire was measured at more than 9,000 hectares when JoPo began writing the song. One day later, she said the song was finished.

The topic of the song, she said, came naturally.

"I'm true to being a northerner," JoPo said. "I write about our miners, our veterans. This time around it was time to write about firefighters."

After recording the song on Thursday, JoPo said she went with her crew to shoot a video near the fire base camp in Britt.

"We were able to talk to a lot of people , see their tents, their bunkers, then everything started to sink in, and really hit home," she said.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry was also impressed by JoPo's willingness to reach out to the firefighters. They gave her access to some ministry footage of the fires which were worked into the final video.

The finished project went live on Saturday, where it quickly amassed over 30,000 views on her Facebook page, Jo-Po said.

You can follow this link to watch the video.