Here are your election results for northeastern Ontario

Follow election results in northeastern Ontario.
The Ontario election was held on June 7. (Martha Dillman/CBC)

The candidates who won their ridings are listed in bold below.

Algoma-Manitoulin ​

  • Michael Mantha, New Democrat
  • Justin Tilson, Green 
  • Charles Fox, Liberal
  • Tommy Lee, Northern Ontario Party
  • Kalena Mallon-Ferguson, Libertarian
  • Jib Turner, Progressive Conservative

Nickel Belt

  • Tay Butt, Liberal
  • Jo-Ann Cardinal, Progressive Conservative
  • France Gelinas, New Democrat
  • Bill Crumplin, Green
  • Kevin R. Brault, Consensus Ontario
  • James Cretien, Libertarian
  • Matthew Del Papa, Northern Ontario Party
  • Bailey Burch-Belanger, None of the Above Direct Democracy Party


  • Vic Fedeli, Progressive Conservative
  • Henri Giroux, New Democrat
  • Kris Rivard, Green
  • Bond Keevil, Libertarian
  • Trevor Holliday, Northern Ontario Party
  • Stephen Glass, Liberal

Mushkegowuk-James Bay

  • Guy Bourgouin, New Democrat
  • Andre Robichaud, Progressive Conservative
  • Vanda Marshall, Libertarian
  • Gaetan Baillargeon, Liberal
  • Jacques Joseph Ouellette, Northern Ontario Party
  • Sarah Hutchinson, Green
  • Fauzia Sadiq, Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party


  • Gilles Bisson, New Democrat
  • Lucas Schinbeckler, Green
  • Yvan Genier, Progressive Conservative
  • Gary Schaap, Northern Ontario Party
  • Jozef Bauer, Libertarian
  • Mickey Auger, Liberal

Parry Sound-Muskoka

  • Brenda Rhodes, Liberal
  • Matt Richter, Green
  • Norm Miller, Progressive Conservative
  • Chris Packer, Libertarian
  • Erin Horvath, New Democrat
  • Jeff Mole, independent
  • Joshua MacDonald, None of the Above Direct Democracy Party

Sault Ste. Marie

  • Kara Flannigan, Green
  • Ross Romano, Progressive Conservative
  • Jaclynne Hamel, Liberal
  • Michele McCleave-Kennedy, New Democrat
  • Lance Brizard, Libertarian
  • Sandra Holmberg, Northern Ontario Party


  • Troy Crowder, Progressive Conservative
  • Glenn Thibeault, Liberal
  • David Robinson, Green
  • Jamie West, New Democrat
  • Mila Chavez Wong, Consensus Ontario
  • James Wendler, Libertarian
  • David Popescu, independent
  • David Silvestre, None of the Above Direct Democracy Party


  • Shawn Poirier, Northern Ontario Party
  • John Vanthof, New Democrat
  • Margaret Williams, Progressive Conservative
  • Lawrence Schnarr, Libertarian
  • Casey Lalonde, Green
  • Brian A. Johnson, Liberal