Your funniest Canadian wildlife photos of 2016

Our favourite wildlife photos, submitted by you.

Laughing owls, two-headed moose, balancing bears, and deer selfies

"Here's a snowy owl on Pass Lake just before he regurgitated his lunch into a pellet!" Maybe we'll pretend he's laughing? Photo by Devon Prout. (Provided)

CBC's northern Ontario afternoon show Up North asked listeners to submit their best wildlife photos — and you delivered.

Here are some of our favourites from the year.

"300 lb balancing act" Laurie Sabourin Riach snapped these photos of a neighbourhood bear in Sudbury, who was a frequent visitor for the months of October and November. (Provided)
Regardless of whether the groundhog sees his shadow, a science expert in Sudbury, Ont., says spring's arrival will be based on science, like weather patterns. (Courtesy of Stacy King)
This chipmunk isn't holding back in this great photo sent in to us from Lisa Graham in Laird township. (Provided)
"Look closely: a pair of moose, right at the end of my driveway. They weren't bothered with me standing on the deck taking pictures." Photo by Stace Womack Wood in Blind River, Ont. (Provided)
Tom McClelland took this amazing photo on his trailcam at his camp in Diamond Lake area near Sault Ste Marie. (Provided)
Would you like a back massage? "Loved watching the interaction between mama and her babies." Photo taken in Desbarats, Ont. by Henriette Mckinnon. (Provided)
Snowball fight? Devin Reichstein snapped this photo in Powassan, Ont. last winter. (Provided)

Listen below to hear Up North host Jason Turnbull and associate producer Marina von Stackelberg discuss their favourite images.

You can see more photos submitted here.


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