Next generation of geologists learning from Sudbury mining experts

A group of new geologists looking to find jobs in the mining industry are in Sudbury this week to learn from experts at Wallbridge Mining. Next Gen Geo is a non-profit group that provides development for those just starting out in the field.

Group called Next Gen Geo gaining new skills to help find jobs in the mining industry

The group of new geologists who are a part of the Toronto-based Next Gen Geo spent time at Wallbridge Mining in Sudbury this week, learning about core logging. (Jamal Amin/supplied)
15 young geoscientists are in Sudbury getting some work experience that they hope will translate into a job. A group called Next Gen Geo is helping them out. Jamal Amin is Managing Director of Next Gen Geo. He joined us in studio to talk about a little hands on experience can go a long way to helping young geologists. 7:13

A group of new geologists looking to find jobs in the mining industry are in Sudbury this week to learn from experts.

Next Gen Geo is a non-profit organization based in Toronto, that provides development and training for those just starting out in the field.

Due to the downturn in the industry, many professionals new to geology are having trouble finding jobs when they finish school, says geologist Jamal Amin, the managing director for the group.

This week Wallbridge Mining in Sudbury is providing learning opportunities for members of Next Gen Geo.

One of the main workshops centres around core logging. This is where a hole is drilled into rock and information is recorded, like the rock types and geological history.

"Every job posting you see says you need to know how to log core, sort of like the key skill," Amin says.

"It's not something you learn in school so we're trying to fill that gap," he adds.

"Wallbridge has their team donating their time to us. We're in their space, looking at a lot of core. People are learning how to log. They're giving us a lot of feedback."

Amin says the extra skills and training can be added to resumes to help new geologists compete for available jobs.
New geologists, members of Next Gen Geo, meet regularly for workshops and training, similar to this session held in June 2017. (Next Gen Geo Facebook)

"We're giving them skills that would make their resumes competitive, that would make sure that when they get on to the job they hit the ground running," he says.

"We're also creating networking opportunities for [group members], because just applying to jobs online, is almost useless. You've got to know people and you've got to know their projects and you've got to show that you really want to work for them."

Amin says when the mining industry is experiencing a downtown it's difficult for new geologists to find work, however he suspects many will find employment this summer.

With files from Markus Schwabe