Art Gallery of Sudbury continues search for new home

The Art Gallery of Sudbury has been searching for a new, larger home for years.

Age and accessibility limitations of the Bell Mansion are becoming difficult for the gallery to deal with

Because of its age and state of repair, the Bell Mansion, home to the Art Gallery of Sudbury, isn't up to the task of housing a collection that features the Group of Seven. (Angela Gemmill/CBC)

The Art Gallery of Sudbury has been searching for a new, larger home for years.

Its current John Street location can only accommodate the display of about ten per cent of its collection, the facility itself is cramped, and not fully accessible.
The Art Gallery of Sudbury hopes that the city follows through on a promise to prioritize the building of a new facility to help accommodate larger art classes. (Art Gallery of Sudbury)

Plans for a new facility could be expedited now that Sudbury city council has made the gallery one of its priority projects.

Two facilities sharing a common space

Demetra Christakos, director and curator of the art gallery, said they've joined forces with the Sudbury Public Library to work together on the project.

"We're still looking at two separate facilities, but basically they cross over in the public areas," Christakos said,  "so that we'd have our own facility but we would share the entrance, we would share potentially a beautiful outdoor space, we would share a beautiful lobby. That's the point of working together in this joint committee."
A crowded reception room is the norm for the Art Gallery of Sudbury, who hopes that a new facility will help accommodate large audiences. (Art Gallery of Sudbury)

A new facility would also put the Art Gallery in a higher category, as far as galleries in the country are ranked, Christakos said.

  • GoFundMe Campaign for a new art centre in Sudbury

"Looking at a purpose build, category A, art museum that would really put us on a different register of public visitation," she said, "putting us on the same register as the Art Gallery of Ontario or the National gallery of Canada."

The gallery portion of the proposed project has a $27 million price tag.
The Art Gallery of Sudbury has even been assisted by a GoFundMe campaign, hoping to raise enough money for a new facility. (

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