Moosonee kindergarten students reach out to garden vandal

A kindergarten teacher in Moosonee says her students are disappointed after someone destroyed their garden.
Kindergarten children at Moosonee Public School were disappointed after a vandal damaged part of their garden. The children wrote a letter expressing their feelings, but also said if someone were hungry they would be willing to share. (Melissa Romanow/Supplied)
The kindergarten class at Moosonee Public School had the vegetable garden they planted destroyed.

A kindergarten teacher in Moosonee says she was surprised by the way her students are reacting after someone destroyed their school garden.

Melissa Romanow, with Moosonee Public School, said she and the students discovered last week that someone had ripped out parts of their harvest in their garden plot and smashed produce on a nearby road.

She said some produce is still left in the garden, but added much was lost, including the carrots and cucumbers.

Kindergarten children at Moosonee Public School wrote a letter after someone destroyed parts of their garden. (Paul Lantz/Twitter)

It’s a hard lesson for a class of kindergarten students to learn, but Romanow said the children are taking a different approach.

“I was really surprised with the attitude about it,” she said. “I was frustrated. I was not happy, but they kind of took it in a different direction and they were concerned that maybe someone was hungry and needed the food.”

Romanow said the children in her class wanted to write a letter about it, expressing their disappointment, but also added they’re willing to share their food if someone who is hungry needs it.


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