Sudbury hotel, restaurant looking to add microbrewery to mix

A hotel and restaurant on Regent Street in Sudbury wants to add a microbrewery to its mix. The rezoning application for the Cardinal Hotel was before the city's planning meeting Monday night. The business wants to add a 1,248 square foot micro brewery adjacent to the Taphouse restaurant.

1,248 square foot space would include event viewing area to watch product being made

The Cardinal Hotel on Regent Street want to add a microbrewery adjacent to the Taphouse restaurant. The rezoning application was approved by the Sudbury's planning committee, but it still must go before city council. (Google Street View)

There could soon be a microbrewery added to the Cardinal Hotel and Taphouse restaurant on Regent Street in Sudbury.

The rezoning application was before the city's planning committee meeting Monday night.

The proposal would convert 1,248 square feet of space between the hotel and restaurant, into a microbrewery. It would feature a viewing window onto the brewing process.

The business was represented by John Arnold of Dalron Construction at the final public hearing, held during the city's planning meeting.

The rezoning was passed, however the decision still must be approved by city council.
René Lapierre is the city councillor for Ward 6 in Greater Sudbury. (Caroline Bourdua/Radio Canada)

If the project comes to fruition, Councillor René Lapierre hopes it will help to attract visitors to the city.

"When I go places and I visit places, these little hubs and these little community things of a restaurant and a homemade microbrewery is always attractive to a lot of people to go eat at that restaurant," he said.

Lapierre liked the idea and said he looks forward to trying it out once it's finished.

"I think it's really innovative for us to support a local developer to be able to try it, see how it works out. I mean, it's of no cost to us as a municipality."

"Hopefully it attracts a lot of people and it adds to our city."

No timeline was given as to when the micro-brewery could be up and running.

With files from Angela Gemmill