Mennonites feeling at home in northern Ontario

CBC Sudbury's documentary series looking at the migration of Mennonite families into Northeastern Ontario in recent years.

For the past few years, northeastern Ontario has slowly become Mennonite country.

Families have moved north to cheaper land around Massey, Powassan, Matheson and other rural corners of the region.

CBC Sudbury reporter Erik White explored this migration through a series of radio documentaries.

The following radio documentary looks at the Mennonite involvement in the local food movement and, in particular, the transformation of a daycare centre in Sudbury:

Featured VideoWe continue to explore Mennonite country here in the North. Today, the CBC's Erik white takes you to the farms south of North Bay where an Amish community has sprouted in recent years.

This documentary looks at the community that's sprung up in the Massey area:

Listen to Alvin Yodder, founder of the Amish Mennonites in Chisholm Township near Powassan, talk about his community:

The following documentary highlights a new cluster of Mennonite families farming up near Matheson: