Smart cameras installed on all school buses in Mattawa to stop aggressive drivers

All school buses in Mattawa, Ont., have been equipped with smart cameras. They will record pictures and video of any motorist who passes a school bus while it's stopped with its lights flashing. The cameras were installed due to the efforts of the Let's Remember Adam Campaign.

Technology installed with help of Ranger family and the Let's Remember Adam Campaign

All school buses in Mattawa, Ont., are now equipped with smart cameras to record when motorists pass while the bus is stopped with its lights flashing. (Markus Shwabe/CBC)

All school buses in Mattawa, Ont., have been equipped with smart cameras to ticket motorists who pass a school bus when it is stopped and has its lights flashing.

The cameras were installed due to the efforts of the Let's Remember Adam Campaign.

Five-year old Adam Ranger was killed 21 years ago when a truck struck him as he was getting off his school bus, in front of his home in the town.

The driver was convicted of manslaughter and criminal negligence causing death.

The Ranger family has since taken up the campaign to encourage people to stop for school buses.

"So there's basically a 360 [degree] view camera around the bus and a stop arm camera that shoots multiple pictures and video," says Pierre Ranger, Adam's older brother.

Pierre Ranger is Adam Ranger's older brother. Adam was killed when he was struck by a truck while getting off the school bus when he was five-years old. (Markus Schwabe/CBC)

He explains that the camera is turned on as the stop arm on the bus comes out. Plus there are cameras situated around the bus to capture all angles.

"If people decide to break the law and not stop for the school bus they will be charged, there will be lots of evidence against them to prove they did it," he added.

Once pictures and video are taken from the various cameras on the bus, those are then transferred to cloud storage. The bus company sends a message to police, and officers are able to access the photo evidence to determine if fines or charges will be issued.

Ranger feels the smart cameras on the buses will help change driver behaviour.

"Drivers will pay more attention to those school buses because it is going to hit them right in their pocket book," he said.

The fine for passing a school bus with its lights flashing is $450. That amount could be higher if police decide to lay further fines or charges.

"It's going to improve safety tremendously around buses and it is time, school buses haven't changed in years,"Ranger said.

Ranger hopes other municipalities will adopt the smart camera technology. 

Adam Ranger would have been 26 years old today, but he was killed 21 years ago after getting off his school bus in Mattawa. This week, school buses in Mattawa became the first in the province to be equipped with smart cameras to prevent further deaths. We spoke about this development with Pierre Ranger, Adam's older brother. 7:06

January 12 would have been Adam Ranger's 26th birthday.

Artificial intelligence is embedded in the cameras, the recorder, the computer and the DVR brain. (Supplied by BusPatrol)


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