Councillor Mark Signoretti requests Kingway Entertainment District project be paused

A Sudbury city councillor is putting forward a motion Tuesday night to push pause on a major project.

Signoretti requesting site preparation and spending be halted until appeal process completed

The future Kingsway Entertainment District will include a community arena/events centre, a casino and a hotel. This conceptual drawing shows what the area would look like once completed. (Supplied/City of Greater Sudbury)

A Sudbury city councillor is again putting forward a motion  to push pause on the Kingsway Entertainment District.

Mark Signoretti wants to halt site preparation and spending on the  project, which will eventually be home to a new arena, a hotel, a casino and events centre in the east part of Sudbury.

However, there are currently 12 appeals that have been filed with the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, known as the LPAT about the project. The LPAT is an adjudicative tribunal that hears cases related to municipal planning or land matters.

Ward 1 councillor Mark Signoretti says the project should be halted until those appeals are sorted out.

"You wouldn't do that with your own money," he said.

"So you wouldn't move forward with a project without knowing that you've covered all your bases. I don't feel that we should do the same."    

Ward 1 city councillor Mark Signoretti wants work on the Kingsway Entertainment District put on hold until appeals through the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal have been sorted out. (Radio-Canada)

Signoretti adds he's not pushing to stop the development.

"It's just putting pause on the project," he explained. 

"I think we all around the table are looking at taxpayers money, so the people that pay the taxes, their tax dollars, and we need to do the right job for them."

Signoretti put forward a similar motion in the past and it was defeated.

"I'm bringing it back because right now it's a new council," he said.

"There's a couple of new council members that are sitting around the table. So it's to bring awareness."

With files from Angela Gemmill and Martha Dillman


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