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Sudbury mom shares letters written to infant son, 18 years later

Back in 1997, new mom, 22 year old Jennifer Bora's baby boy was born premature 26 weeks. He weighed just over a pound and the risks to his life were high, Bora said.

Letters to her newborn son helped Sudbury mom cope with his time in hospital

Jennifer Bora had a premature baby, Brady Dean in 1997. At the time, she wrote letters to her son, and recently shared them with him. (Jan Lakes/CBC)
Our new fall series Letters of Note continues with the story of a young mother who decided to write letters to her newborn, premature son. 18 years later, Brady Dean hears them from his mom, Jennifer Borah, for the first time. 6:42

Back in 1997, new mom, 22-year-old Jennifer Bora's baby boy was born premature at 26 weeks.

He weighed just over a pound and the risks to his life were high, Bora said. He was admitted to the NICU at the old general hospital.

"At that time he was quite frail, on a ventilator, a daily struggle to live essentially and life saving measures ... in place," Bora said.

That is when her mother suggested she start a journal to help get her feelings out and to deal with the struggle. What started as a journal ended up being letters addressed to her newborn baby, Brady Dean.

Some of the entries deal with scary moment for Bora and her new baby. On December 6th, she wrote about the day Brady stopped breathing after a spinal fluid test.

"They had to give some adrenaline to help you breath again. You really scared us Brady, I love you so much. You looked really tired and not feelings so good, we went back to see you in the evening. You were sleeping peacefully when I left. I love you."

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      Bora hasn't read the letters in 18 years. She left them on her bedside table until now, sharing them for the first time with her son.

      Brady comforted his mother as she read the difficult words on the page.

      "I like hearing it, she did so much for me," Brady said. "I just want to be there for her, show her that she's the greatest mom ever who's been raising me and who loves me ever so much and would do anything for me."

      "I'm so thankful I wrote that, it brings Brady and I closer and he can better understand why I am the way I am...maybe a little more protective than others," Bora said.