MP Paul Lefebvre says bringing jobs, infrastructure to Sudbury highlights of first term in office

The Member of Parliament for Sudbury says he's proud of the work he's been able to accomplish over the past four years.

Highway 69, Maley drive funding, full-time jobs at tax centre have been boon for Sudbury riding

Paul Lefebvre says he's committed to bringing more full-time government jobs to Sudbury by decentralizing some of the positions in Ottawa and Toronto. (Paul Lefebvre)

The Member of Parliament for Sudbury says he's proud of the work he's been able to accomplish over the past four years.

Paul Lefebvre is wrapping up his first term as the MP for the riding.

He will be the Liberal candidate for Sudbury in next month's federal election.

Lefebvre told CBC News he is satisfied with his political work on Parliament Hill, particularly in bringing both infrastructure dollars and jobs to Sudbury.

"I'm a big proponent of maybe decentralizing some of the...federal government jobs in Toronto and in Ottawa, and we've been able to do that," Lefebvre said. "There's about a thousand jobs full time jobs between [Canada Revenue Agency] and Service Canada...that we were able to bring here in Sudbury and I want to continue to do that."

"I've been working hard in other departments to make that happen and I believe that if we do have another mandate and if I have another mandate I think that will happen."

Lefevbre added that he takes every opportunity to share with other political leaders the success story of Sudbury's mining industry, something he says he will continue to do.

 "We do amazing things here but we need a voice to be doing that," Lefebvre said. "I've been doing that everywhere I've been across the country. Actually, I went down to Washington and met with some US senators and congress people just to talk about the Sudbury story."

"In June I was representing Canada at the G20 conference in Japan. So that was quite special," he said. "I was sitting beside the Minister of Environment and Energy of Brazil and the Minister of Environment and Energy from China."

"And certainly when I have a chance to speak, I want to talk about the Sudbury story.... really the environment and the economy going hand in hand and showing where we were 50 years ago to where we are now."

"Certainly I'm very bullish on the future of Sudbury."

Lefebvre said he is also pleased he's been able to juggle family life with the hectic schedule of an MP.

"Well certainly I wanted [my children's]  lives not to change," Lefebvre said. "So their sports, their activities have not changed, or their friends have not changed, and I haven't changed really."

"So I had to adapt to my life.  I used to coach and drive [them] around to all the sports activities, all of their activities so that has taken a back seat but when I am here I try to to keep doing that balancing, and I think I'm very satisfied that I've been able to do it."


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