Last box of Frosted Flakes from London, Ont., bound for museum

One of the most renowned boxes of cereal in Ontario is heading back to London, Ont..

Bag with handwritten note from workers found by a family in Timmins, Ont., who were about to have breakfast.

The last box of cereal produced at Kellogg's London, Ontario factory, signed by the workers who made it. It was bought by Stephane Gaudette in Timmins, Ontario. (Stephane Gaudette)

One of the most renowned boxes of cereal in Ontario is heading back to London.

The last bag to roll off the line at the Kellogg’s plant in London ended up in the home of Stephane Gaudette, a Timmins teacher.

Employees had written on the outside of the Frosted Flakes bag to explain the significance of the cereal.

Speaking on CBC Sudbury's Up North radio program, Gaudette said after he discovered he had the last box of cereal from the plant, the next step was to figure out what to do with it.

“I really had to take my time and think about it because I knew it was a big decision,” he said. “I knew that I wanted to share it with people.”

Gaudette took the bag to various schools in Timmins to show it to students, but said he knew he didn’t want to put it downstairs "as a family heirloom and just collect dust."

He decided the box will be shared, starting in the place it was manufactured.

“It speaks to a really important chapter in London’s history,” said Amber Lloydlangston, the curator of Regional History at Museum London.

“Not necessarily a happy chapter, but an important one.”

Gaudette said he’s not sure how long the cereal will stay at Museum London, as he said other museums are showing an interest as well.


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