Lack of treatment for sick baby in Kashechewan makes mother upset

A mother in Kashechewan says her moldy home is making her baby sick but says she can’t get help for her daughter at the local clinic.

MP says child will get treatment once flown out due to flood concerns, says not proper way to provide care

Arlene Nakogee says her daughter has had a rash for a month and she can't get help at the local clinic in Kashechewan. (Supplied/Arlene Nakogee)

A mother in Kashechewan says her moldy home is making her baby sick but says she can't get help for her daughter at the local clinic.

Arlene Nakogee's 10-month-old daughter has had a rash all over her body for a month. Nakogee says she's been told it's a bad case of impetigo.

Nakogee says she's not pleased with what's been discussed as a treatment plan for her daughter.

"One doctor told me to wash her with bleach, chlorine, and I told that doctor that I don't want her to burn while washing her with bleach," she said.

'Makes me upset'

Nakogee says along with the rash, her daughter has been running a high fever and been cranky.

"It's hard to see her like that," she said.

"It makes me upset. I mean like those creams doesn't help and I don't want to burn my daughter with that bleach."

Nakogee says her 10-month-old daughter has been sick for a month. (Supplied/Arlene Nakogee)

Nakogee says she has requested a medivac to a hospital, but says she has been denied.

"They said it's not that serious to send her out," she said.

Residents are being flown out of Kashechewan, due to concerns over flooding. Nakogee says if she and her daughter are flown out, she plans to take her to the emergency room as soon as they land.

'Shouldn't have to wait'

Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus has been trying to get the child flown out for medical attention.

He says he hopes Nakogee and her daughter will be flown out due to flooding concerns, but adds this isn't the right way to get health care.

"She shouldn't have to wait for the Albany River to over flow to be able to get down to you know central and northern Ontario hospitals to get treatment," he said.

NDP Charlie Angus is the MP for Timmins-James Bay. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

"Anywhere else in Ontario would be seen immediately and in northern Ontario in places like Kashechewan the family are being told to take some creams and some Benadryl and it's been over a month and this child is not getting better."

An epidemic of skin conditions among children in Kashechewan  two years ago brought national attention.

Doctors say black mold and crowded living conditions lead to severe cases of bacterial infections like impetigo.

With files from Kate Rutherford