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Kako's Kitchen serving beautifully crafted bento meals in Sudbury

Kako's Kitchen is a Japanese food business in Sudbury that is best known for its weekly bento boxes, ordered in advance.

Up North host Jonathan Pinto speaks with owner Takako Boyle

Takako Boyle is the owner of Kako's Kitchen in Sudbury. (Supplied by Takako Boyle)

Kako's Kitchen is a relatively new Japanese food business in Sudbury.

Based out of her home-based commercial kitchen, owner Takako Boyle caters and pops up at the Sudbury Market, but is best known for her weekly, handcrafted bento meals that are ordered in advance.

A recent meal. (Supplied by Takako Boyle)

"I'm always thinking [about] a surprise [for the box]," she said, noting that the looks of her meals are as important as the taste.

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Takako Boyle is the owner of Kako's Kitchen in Sudbury. She spoke with Up North host Jonathan Pinto for this week's edition of Northern Nosh.

Takako's weekly bento boxes can be ordered from The Nickel Refillery in Sudbury. For more information on Kako's Kitchen, visit her website.

Another example of a recent meal, served in a reusable bento box. (Supplied by Takako Boyle)

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