Jarus describes the inspiration behind Sudbury's newest mural

Artist Jarus said he didn’t have any notions what form his mural on the wall of 58 Lisgar would take.

58 Lisgar Street becomes artist's canvas for 2017's Up Here festival

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      Artist Jarus said he didn't have any notions of what form his mural on the wall of 58 Lisgar Street would take.

      Jarus is one of the featured artists at this year's Up Here festival, an urban arts experience that aims to turn city walls into canvases.

      In Jarus' case, after arriving in Sudbury for the first time, -for the festival- the image of a female miner is the one that made the most of an impression on him.

      Artist Jarus lets his murals speak for themselves. Even his Facebook profile picture hides his identity. (Emmanuel Jarus-- Facebook)

      "Up Here took me on a tour of Dynamic Earth," Jarus said. "We went to the archives at Falconbridge. I heard some first hand stories."

      "One of the stories we heard was from the daughter of the first female miner."

      Jarus said he wanted the image to evoke a sense of the underground, something many who work in the industry recognize.

      "I decided to do a dark portrait underground," he said. "Where you could feel this sense of mystery, being underground, that sense of eeriness."

      "It's kind of a challenge to portray a simple feeling like that."

      Listen to the full interview with Jarus here.