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Jan Lakes is a producer at CBC Sudbury. You can reach her at jan.lakes@cbc.ca or find her on Twitter @lakesCBC.

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Sudbury mom of special needs son says self-isolation during COVID-19 is a struggle

Some parents who have children with special needs are struggling. Self-isolation means that there is no longer a routine, therapy or a break from being together twenty four hours a day.

Now is not the time to start homeschooling, says Sudbury couple

A Sudbury couple that homeschools their little girls say those considering homeschooling right now, shouldn’t.

Lodge owner near Foleyet says new moose tag allocation hurting business

A hunting and fishing lodge owner in Foleyet says he had to shut down his business for the moose hunting season this year due to changes in the tag allocation.

Sudbury Fire Services says there are carbon monoxide dangers in the home you need to be aware of

Sudbury Fire Services braces for an increase in gas leak calls as people start up their furnaces and gas fireplaces to keep warm.

You can get your meds and shop for locally grown food at a new pharmacy in Sudbury

These two women have decades of pharmaceutical experience under their belts. But they also know a lot about how food can heal you. That is why they've opened up a full service pharmacy that also includes locally grown food and a teaching kitchen.

No 'cookie cutter solution' for opioid users seeking help, physician says

With the increase in opioid and drug use in the Sudbury, people seeking help face challenges.

Sudbury's first zero-waste retail store to open

Living zero-waste is no simple task. But it is something three women in Sudbury are trying to do in their lives, and now in their business.

Stories of strength and determination from 3 recovering addicts in Sudbury

A closer look at the growing problem of opioid use in Sudbury and northeastern Ontario.

A Sudbury church group is using its talented crafters to help others in the community

The group meets every two weeks in the basement of the Calvin Presbyterian church in Sudbury. The goal is to engage shut-ins in social activity and help people in need.

Team in Sault Ste. Marie recognized for "housing first" approach to homelessness

The Homelessness Prevention Team in Sault Ste. Marie was awarded the Local Municipal Champion Award for its work to find stable homes for people in the community.

This free little library is bringing the neighbourhood together

Tara Levesque didn't think that her little library would become such a bit part of her life. Little did she know that it would become a community gathering place and something that brings her so much joy.

Teaching the traditional way of tanning hides on M'Chigeeng First Nation

Tanning in the traditional way is not for the faint of heart. It takes twelve days to scrape, soak, wring out and smoke moose and deer hides to get them ready.

Ontario Queen of the Furrows to make appearance at Warren Fair

When Derika Nauta is home, you will find her doing everything from milking the cows to picking rocks out of the field. It is all in a days work for someone who grew up on a farm. And add to that, her job this year is to be an ambassador for the agricultural world in the province.

New lakefront patio to open at Sudbury's Science North this Thursday

Science North is opening what they are simply calling The Patio this week. It will be a place for people to enjoy live music and locally sourced food and drink.

Unwanted ink no longer for life says owner of new Sudbury tattoo removal business

Blackout tattoo removal is a new business in Sudbury that uses laser technology to fade and remove unwanted tattoos.